Travel Tips for Bali

We planned our entire Indonesia trip in 2 days. Based on our experience following are some of the tips that will be helpful for every traveler to Bali


#1 Check in at Airport: If you are using a Low Cost Carries in Asia, buy the luggage coupon while booking the ticket and reach the airport early so that you can get better seats. The cost of checking in the luggage at the counter can be twice as much as buying a coupon online. We had to sit in 2 separate rows as we reached the airport late.

#2 Buy Indonesian SIM Card: At the Bali airport, buy a sim card for USD 25 (50 mins calling and 6 GB data). International calls are also covered under this plan. We felt it was a good investment, considering we had to coordinate with the driver, hotels etc.

#3 Transportation from Airport to Hotel: Book Bluebird Taxis from the airport or ask your hotel to arrange for a pick up. Bluebird has a counter at the airport and will offer you a fixed rate. We booked ‘Grab car’ through the mobile app which was much cheaper than the Bluebird taxi but the driver could not speak English. Hence, we had to cancel and book bluebird taxi. The fare from Denpasar to Ubud is about USD 30 and can vary based on the season.

Tirta Gangga at Dusk


#4 Be Modestly Dressed: While swim suits are completely acceptable at beaches, dressing modestly on the streets is recommended.

#5 Respect Tradition: Balinese are very open, warm and welcoming. Passing a warm smile, acknowledging their presence and blending in will be welcomed. Wear sarong (long piece of cloth worn around the waist) when you are entering into the temple.  Do not step on Canang Sari, offerings made to the God by Balinese Hindus. You will see loads of them outside shops, in temples etc.

#6 Use a Translator App: Advisable to know few Bahasa words such as Terimah Kasi (Thank you), Selamat Jalan (Have a nice trip), Sama Sam (Welcome)


#7 Self Drive: You need an international driving permit from your home country before you reach Indonesia. Petrol can be bought at petrol stations as well as at roadside shops in bottles costing around .8 USD per litre. The yellow bottles frequently seen on the roadside contains petrol.

#8 Avoid Self Drive, Book a Taxi: The distances are huge, roads are narrow and traffic might be exhausting. Moreover, a local driver might act as guide. Our driver was Agung (+62 852 3722 5847) and was a phenomenal choice.


#9. You will be on road for most part of your day. Keep phone/camera battery charger handy. As an alternative, we charged the battery during lunch time at the restaurants. If you are carrying a DSLR, getting a tripod is recommended to capture sunset, sunrise & waterfalls. Carry some gear to prevent the camera from getting wet at the waterfall.

Beautiful Buds near the Teganungan Waterfalls


#10. Mt. Batur Trek: Its a good trek for beginners. Book the trek through Uma Kutuh tourist service (+62 812 38445426, Adi). This costed us around USD 27 per person (including pick up and drop from Ubud), much lower than what other operators were offering online. I suggest to book the tour once you arrive in Bali. This will help you to be flexible and plan your trek according to the latest weather condition. We booked the tour 8 hours before our trek and managed to get the slots quite easily, even during the busy season. Strongly recommend to carry a jacket/warm clothing to avoid feeling cold at the summit.

A Chilies farm encountered during the Mt. Batur Trek


#11 Daily Needs: Delta Dewata is a 24 hr supermarket and can help you with your basic needs of toiletries and snacks.

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